How can I stop rain spark­ing GSX-R trou­ble?


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I have a 2011 Suzuki GSX-R 750 L1 that doesn’t seem to like get­ting re­ally wet! It was parked in quite heavy rain yes­ter­day and started and rode fine. How­ever, when I got home and turned the en­gine off with the key, the ig­ni­tion came back on by it­self and kept switch­ing off and on – even when I took the key out of the bike. I had to dis­con­nect the bat­tery to stop it while the bike dried out. Dan, Royal Tun­bridge Wells

An­swered by Steve Scully, GT Mo­tor­cy­cles If you fol­low your ig­ni­tion switch wiring you will find a con­nec­tor block. When you find that, I think you’ll find it will be full of green gunge and cor­ro­sion. If you can clean it ef­fec­tively, then you can prob­a­bly re­pair it and cure the prob­lem. If you’re lucky it won’t have rot­ted the ter­mi­nals away and it should just go back to­gether. Some­times it com­pletely messes the con­nec­tors up. In this case, do­ing the job is a mat­ter of me­chan­i­cal com­pe­tence. If you haven’t got the knowhow, then it needs to be re­paired by some­one with ex­per­tise in wiring. If you can do it then it’s cheap as cheap – you just need to put some time into it.

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