If you're go­ing to be Mr Nasty, do it prop­erly

We all love a vil­lain but Lorenzo needs to learn from bad boy Bi­aggi

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Jorge Lorenzo can be a great rider – you don't get to be a mul­ti­ple world cham­pion by ac­ci­dent – but if he wants to be Mr Bad Guy in the post race press con­fer­ence like he did at Misano he needs to act more like he means it. Just sit­ting there with a grumpy face say­ing things aren't fair is more petu­lant than heroic. Just think back to Bi­aggi, he was a proper vil­lain. And what about that time he and Rossi had a bit of a dust up? You can't imag­ine Lorenzo do­ing that. Then there's Frankie Chili rag­ing at Foggy (a pretty mean bad guy him­self) while clad only in a dress­ing gown. Ec­cen­tric, yes, but it was to­tally mem­o­rable. Maybe it's time for Jorge to buy him­self some box­ing gloves.

Ja­son Tay­lor, email Stay on the track, Marc!

Re­gard­ing the Bri­tish Mo­togp, itõs un­fair that some rid­ers got points de­ducted for go­ing onto the green on the rum­ble strips and some rid­ers did­nõt. The most bla­tant amongst those who was­nõt pe­nalised was Marc Mar­quez. Not only did he go onto the green but went about 10 me­tres over it twice when run­ning wide! Any wider and he would have needed a sign on his back say­ing: Ôwarn­ing, wide ve­hi­cleõ. Had it been a gravel trap he would have no doubt crashed out, so itõs a joke that no penalty was given.

Keith Devlin, Cum­bria Lov­ing the aliens

Wow! What an in­cred­i­ble ar­ti­cle (Hodg­son rides Ian­noneõs Mo­togp bike, MCN Septem­ber 7). Neil Hodg­son re­ally put us in the sad­dle of a Mo­togp bike and could­nõt have painted the pic­ture any clearer. IÕM sure a lot of other peo­ple now re­alise just how good the Ôaliensõ are and, like me, have new re­spect for them all. Fan­tas­tic. Brian Jenk­ins, email Ed: This week Hodg­son has had a go in Chris Walker’s side­car, see p36)

Don't for­get the VFR

Sim­ply can­not un­der­stand why you chose the Honda CBR650F and not the VFR800 for your comfy sports­bike test (MCN, Septem­ber 7). The VFR is su­perb with a sublime en­gine, fan­tas­tic brakes and fully ad­justable sus­pen­sion. It will per­form ad­mirably as a sports­bike when rid­ing solo and is a near per­fect two-up tourer. Hon­daõs fit­ment sys­tem for the pan­niers is a work of art, no ugly and un­gainly frame­work to be seen. All in all a far bet­ter choice than the CBR650F. Just wish it had a bit more power.

Craig Black, email Let­ting bik­ing down

I got caught up with a huge num­ber of bikes go­ing up the A30 from Truro to Ply­mouth. There were hun- dreds of them and at first it was one hell of a buzz, be­ing a biker my­self. Alas that day in my car! Ab­so­lutely bril­liant un­til the idiots started to spoil it. Un­der­tak­ing cars while they were in­di­cat­ing left to change lanes. Over­tak­ing to the left and right of traf­fic on hatched ar­eas, cut­ting cars up with­out sig­nalling or in­di­cat­ing and pulling straight into path of cars.

C Pizzey, email Can you have too many MCNS?

My house move has re­vealed that I maybe need to stop hoard­ing so many MCNS! Nowhere to keep them!

Ells, via Twit­ter Any­one lost their teeth?

We canõt heap enough thanks on Gra­ham Re­drup and the Tri­dent and Rocket 3 Own­ers Club who al­lowed us to join their open class on track at Anglesey this week­end. The friend­li­ness of the at­ten­dees and their tol­er­ance of us on a GSX-R, KTM RC8R and ZX-10R was won­der­ful. They were gra­cious hosts and a re­minder that mo­tor­cy­clists re­ally are dif­fer­ent. We had a ball. If the apoca­lypse ever comes Ð as it might with Don­ald Trump Ð then the kind of peo­ple youõll need around you are those guys do­ing amaz­ing things with en­gi­neer­ing. See­ing triples turned into fours or even vee sixes was like step­ping into Com­man­der Car­ac­ta­cus Pottsõ (of Chitty-chitty-bang Bang) shed. We also hope that they man­aged to re­unite the owner, pre­sum­ably of some vi­brat­ing piece of Bri­tish iron, with an item dis­cov­ered on track Ð a pair of false teeth. It brings new mean­ing to the phrase Ôfront end chat­terõ.

Adam Smallman, email Let there be lights

Hav­ing rid­den to work from Northamp­ton to Milton Keynes via the M1 in the fog this morn­ing, I was amazed how many driv­ers had no lights on. I soon re­alised there canõt be that many driv­ers for­get­ting to put their lights on and nar­rowed the prob­lem to the au­to­matic lights. These sys­tems donõt seem to be able to recog­nise fog! The re­sult is driv­ers driv­ing with gim­micky LEDS on the front but no lights on the rear.

Mark Line­ham, email Stop moan­ing Jorge

Lorenzo spends his en­tire time moan­ing. Last year we had Ôhel­met­gateõ, this year itõs been Ôtyre­gateõ, Ôwet­track­gateõ and now Ôy­ouõre-nota-gen­tle­man­gateõ. Itõd be nice to have a cham­pion who looked like he en­joyed the in­cred­i­bly priv­i­leged po­si­tion heõs in, rather than some­one who al­ways looks like heõs trod­den in some­thing.

Nigel Sav­ill, email

as the man we loved to hate Bi­aggi played up to his image

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