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I have a 2008 Suzuki M1800R Intruder, which has done roughly 6000 miles. The day I picked it up from the garage it had a slight jud­der and this has con­tin­ued un­til now. When I first start it up and let the clutch out, I get a big jud­der for around 50 yards, how­ever for the rest of day it runs OK – even when I start it up again. It went back into the dealer I got it from for the clutch to be stripped down, but it was still no good. I took the bike to an­other bike garage I have used for 20 years and they also couldn’t find fault with it. Any idea what the prob­lem could be? Dave Prat­ley, email An­swered by Steve Scully, GT Mo­tor­cy­cles It sounds to me like it prob­a­bly isn’t to do with the clutch, but in­stead a mis­fire. This sounds like a case of the cus­tomer de­cid­ing di­ag­no­sis, rather than telling the me­chanic what they are feel­ing. The deal­ers need to ex­pe­ri­ence the fault and iden­tify it them­selves. You need to try and work out whether it’s def­i­nitely a clutch is­sue or whether or not the en­gine is run­ning prop­erly. Al­ter­na­tively, you may find that the spark plugs have been fouled up. We have had that be­fore here with the In­trud­ers, but it is not com­mon.

I have £2500 to spend on a new track bike and I want to know what I should go for? My lo­cal track is Cad­well Park, so it will spend most of its time there. Chris, Sleaford

An­swered by Tim Thomp­son, MCN Con­tent Ed­i­tor You re­ally don’t need a litre bike around Cad­well Park. The Lincolnshire venue is a flow­ing cir­cuit that’s made for a 600. I would look for some­thing like an early Honda CBR600RR. That’s just about the per­fect track bike. It’s got mod­ern ev­ery­thing and has the build qual­ity too. Plus, it ab­so­lutely flies around Cad­well Park – which is ba­si­cally a non-stop cor­ner. The CBR had some­thing about it that made it feel un-crash­able. Honda crammed ev­ery­thing around the cen­tre of mass on this bike and this made it feel like a re­ally calm ma­chine to ride. At some point, you would want to up­rate the sus­pen­sion though. The brakes could also be sharper. How­ever, you can’t re­ally go wrong with these bikes and you could make the nec­es­sary up­grades along the way. Just ap­ply some com­mon sense when buy­ing. You want to buy as new as pos­si­ble and the 2003 bike was the mo­ment the CBR stopped be­ing a great road bike and be­came a good track tool.

Jud­dery Intruder? No snig­ger­ing at the back there

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