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I am de­ter­mined to keep my new suit nice. What’s the best method? Rob, Per­ran­porth

An­swered by Tony Hoare, MCN Con­sumer Ed­i­tor After a ride, use a wet mi­crofi­bre cloth to scrub off bugs and grime, then wipe dry with an­other mi­crofi­bre cloth. Air it out­side to make sure the leather is dry. Rub in Chelsea Leather Food, which you’ll find on Ama­zon for un­der a ten­ner, with a clean cloth un­til there’s a light shim­mer. Muc-off’s Leather Pro­tect (£5) does a sim­i­lar job. Muc-off’s Leather Cleaner (also £5) is use­ful for shift­ing tougher grime.

I put my bike into the dealer for ser­vic­ing and they re­paired/ser­viced the brakes. They fit­ted new pads front and rear, changed all brake fluid and re­placed the rear caliper. The bike is still there and I have been told the ABS unit is faulty (an ad­di­tional costly re­pair). There was noth­ing wrong with the ABS when it went in. They have been work­ing on the brakes and now tell me it’s a co­in­ci­dence and a me­chan­i­cal is­sue that’s due to age, and not their fault. It’s hard to be­lieve the ABS fault is not con­nected to the works be­ing car­ried out, but they want me to pay for it. What can I do? They claim to have con­tacted the bike man­u­fac­turer to help with costs but to no avail. Roger Thomas, email

To de­ter­mine whether or not this is some­thing the deal­er­ship has done (or if it was in fact al­ready an is­sue when you took the bike in, yet one that was not dis­cov­ered at first) you will need to in­struct an in­de­pen­dent engi­neer to in­spect the ma­chine. You should agree with the dealer that he may at­tend for this pur­pose. You will be re­spon­si­ble for the cost of the engi­neer’s at­ten­dance/re­port, but if it finds fault with the dealer then you would have good grounds to re­quest that they pay for rec­ti­fy­ing the prob­lem and for re­im­burs­ing the cost of the engi­neer’s re­port. It may be that they will agree to the joint in­struc­tion of an engi­neer, shar­ing the cost and both agree­ing to be bound by the find­ings of the re­port. You may have le­gal ex­penses in­sur­ance, which will pay for a so­lic­i­tor to help you with this.

‘You need to ar­range for an in­de­pen­dent in­spec­tion’

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