How do I make sure my bike will be safe on a ferry?

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An­swered by Alastair Mcfar­lane, MCI Tours Firstly, you need to get to the ferry early. Pick a ratchet strap that works – the newer the bet­ter. Many are rusty and don’t ac­tu­ally work prop­erly. Put your bike into first and rock the bike for­wards with the clutch out to make sure it’s in gear and not go­ing any­where. Your bike needs to be mid­way be­tween the welded floor tabs that you are go­ing to hook into. Al­ways leave the bike on the side­stand so you can tri­an­gu­late the pres­sure down­wards to se­cure the bike. Keep the han­dle of the ratchet to the out­side as you pass the se­cur­ing strap over the top of the foam seat cover and make sure the ratchet is on the same side as the side­stand as you ratchet down­wards. Tighten it just enough to com­press the sus­pen­sion, so the bike is not bounc­ing up and down. Make sure you leave the ratchet in the closed-up po­si­tion. When you’ve fin­ished, look around you. If the one next to you is a sloppy ef­fort take the trouble to ad­just it with or with­out the owner’s con­sent. If you get stuck, ask a deck-hand or an­other rider and al­ways trust your own judge­ment.

Get there early to bag the best ratchet strap

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