‘Honda step-thrus are go­ing for crazy money’

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I’m still stag­gered by what peo­ple are pay­ing for Honda step-thrus. This week I watched an old brown C90, ad­mit­tedly re­stored to a very high stan­dard, fetch £1900. Nine­teen hun­dred pounds. That’s the same as a re­ally clean 1996 Tri­umph 1200 Day­tona that also sold this week: a rare bike, worth salt­ing away.

I just sold my lit­tle Yamaha V75. I’d toted it to two Kemp­ton Park au­to­jum­bles, and in­nu­mer­able peo­ple had cooed over it, but not one sod bought it, and it went on ebay for £459. That was me down £165 – but win some, lose some. It’s been a long time since I sold a bike at a loss, and I needed the space. For­get any other make of step-thru – it ab­so­lutely has to be a Honda to make de­cent money.

Two grand is an in­ter­est­ing price point. It’s what de­cent 2002/03 Fire­blades start at, and you can get im­mac­u­late early carbed Black­birds as well. I’m lay­ing out a shop­ping list of bikes to buy this win­ter and salt away un­til spring 2017, when new prices will have risen, and I’m se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing a Blade and/or a Bird, be­cause I think these are go­ing to ap­pre­ci­ate – the Bird be­cause no­body makes any­thing like it any more.

Nice Kawasaki ZX-9RS are also at two grand, but I don’t see these ap­pre­ci­at­ing. There have been too many fast Kawasakis fol­low­ing them: ZX-10R, ZX-12R, ZZR1400… they’ve dropped off the radar, whereas a Fire­blade is still a Fire­blade.

I may buy a ZRX1200 and a good 750 Ze­phyr, though. Just got a feel­ing…

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