‘ They’re pretty re­li­able, but with a cou­ple of is­sues’

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We’ve sold quite a lot of them and they’ve been pretty re­li­able, with only a cou­ple of is­sues to be aware of.

The main thing is that the gen­er­a­tors go, but they’re cov­ered un­der a seven-year war­ranty from Honda. One of the tell­tale signs is that the rocker cover gas­ket starts leak­ing. The prob­lem oc­curs when you get a spark from the gen­er­a­tor that ig­nites the oil vapour and you get a mini ex­plo­sion in the en­gine - and the weak­est point is the rocker cover. It nor­mally just pops the gas­ket out, but we have had it where it cracks the rocker cover. If it’s got an oil leak, that’s prob­a­bly what is caus­ing it.

Take your mul­ti­me­ter with you and check that, with the en­gine run­ning at about 5000rpm and the lights on main beam, the bat­tery reads above 13.5 volts.

As long as the bike is within the seven years it will get sorted out un­der war­ranty, which cov­ers the labour as well. It’s a very com­mon is­sue and it’s re­placed with a mod­i­fied part. The new ones are less likely to go again, but it’s not un­heard of. Re­place­ment parts are cov­ered un­der the war­ranty as long as it’s within the seven years.

The other thing to look for is the chain ad­juster. Make sure the bike has the toolkit with it and that the ec­cen­tric cam at the wheel hub can move freely. If they seize up you’re look­ing at a good cou­ple of hun­dred quid to get that out, clean it all up and put it back. Just undo the pinch bolt and then use the C-span­ner in the toolkit to check it moves back and for­ward.

This is quite com­mon if the bike hasn’t done a lot of miles, but if it’s one that’s been used fairly reg­u­larly they don’t re­ally seize.

The en­gines can be quite rat­tly and we used to get a lot of com­plaints about it, so we stripped a few down to check them and never found any cause for con­cern – they’re just gen­er­ally a bit rat­tly.

But you do need to lis­ten for the sound of a cam­chain ten­sioner prob­lem. Blip the throt­tle and if there’s a rat­tle on the over-run then that will be trouble with the cam­chain ten­sioner.

Those is­sues aside, the CB1000FS are bril­liant to work on and are re­ally pop­u­lar with the lads in the work­shop here.

‘ The gen­er­a­tors go, but they’re cov­ered un­der war­ranty’

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