Loud pipes can be bad… but strim­mers are worse

We all like a de­cent ex­haust note, but there are lim­its

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Fur­ther to Ped Baker’s in­tel­li­gent re­port on his after­mar­ket ex­haust sys­tem, can I ask why so many rid­ers feel the need to fit these sys­tems? We have al­ways had an ‘im­age’ prob­lem as bik­ers which frankly does not bother me ex­cept when the pow­ers-that-be wish to cur­tail our free­doms. One of the big­gest gripes I hear around here in Devon is the noise that bikes make on the A386. Of course I know it is the after­mar­ket cans that are to blame, but we are all tarred with the same brush. Re­mem­ber in this coun­try it is OK to make a noise whilst work­ing (how I hate strim­mers!) but not whilst hav­ing plea­sure and no­body en­joys the racket some of you are mak­ing. Bad deal for bik­ers at Don­ing­ton

It would seem that if you ar­rive by bike at Don­ing­ton, you must park at Redgate – but ar­rive by car and you can park any­where. My brother and I wanted to watch the BSB from the Foggy Esses so used the main en­trance, where we were told we had to park our bikes at Redgate and walk. We ex­plained that as I’m an am­putee (right leg), we would pre­fer to park nearer the Esses but were told “too bad, bikes can’t use this en­trance.” Mal­colm Pit­man, email

Brave but risky re­mount

While it is in some ways com­mend­able that Michael van der Mark man­aged to fin­ish last Sun­day’s WSB race af­ter crash­ing and sus­tain­ing se­vere dam­age to his bike, his ac­tions have to call into ques­tion the rules re­lat­ing to a rider re­mount­ing af­ter a crash. There is lit­tle doubt that van der Mark’s bike would have failed to pass scru­ti­neer­ing in its post-crash state, so he should re­ally have been black­flagged for rid­ing a bike in a dan­ger­ous con­di­tion. He was per­haps lucky not to have had a fur­ther ac­ci­dent. The au­thor­i­ties should con­sider in­tro­duc­ing a rule which states that rid­ers may not re­mount if they are in­volved in a crash which re­sults in dam­age to the ma­chine, since it is im­pos­si­ble to de­ter­mine the true ex­tent of the dam­age un­til the bike has been fully in­spected back in the pit garage. Andy Rob­son, Birm­ing­ham

Any Voxan tips?

En­joyed your bit on Vox­ans (MCN, Septem­ber 14). I have a 2005 model Street Scram­bler. Lovely bike but where the hell to get it nicely tuned here in sunny Corn­wall? Maybe your read­ers know some­where re­li­able. Peter Clemo, Corn­wall

Phil’s a proper gent

We were lucky enough to at­tend the Misano Mo­togp as guests of the Yamaha Tech3 team and as we were hav­ing lunch, Phil Read and his wife asked if they could join us. My dad and I had a re­ally nice chat with them and Phil is def­i­nitely one of the nicest, most gen­uine guys I’ve ever met. We bumped into James Tose­land out­side and had a good chat too. Both race leg­ends were proper gen­tle­men (they both like Valentino Rossi too, which is a bonus). An­drew and Owen Lees, Kent

Obey the law

I was in­ter­ested in Ped Baker’s re­cent ar­ti­cle about the noise from the Vance & Hines sys­tem on the Street Twin he’s cur­rently us­ing. Well, the clue is in the phrase ‘off-road use only’, be­cause yes, loud and let’s be hon­est here, il­le­gal ex­hausts do p*ss off not only your neigh­bours but prob­a­bly 99.9% of the peo­ple you ride past. I like a fruity ex­haust note as much as the next man, my R1200R Sport has a nice bark to it, and it pops on the over­run, but it is ROAD LE­GAL. I’m fed up of noisy bikes, with il­le­gal ex­hausts, mi­cro num­ber plates, use­less minia­ture in­di­ca­tors and rid­ers with il­le­gal black vi­sors. I’m old enough to re­mem­ber when bik­ers were banned from 90% of pubs and most cafés be­cause they were anti-so­cial, and I don’t want to be treated like a sec­ond class citizen again be­cause of the ir­re­spon­si­ble ac­tions of the mi­nor­ity. Kevin White, Glouces­ter­shire

Don't lower lim­its

The sug­ges­tion by road safety cam­paign­ers to re­duce speed lim­its for bikes shows how clue­less they are. It would re­sult in more ac­ci­dents with bikes be­ing vul­ner­a­ble to faster mov­ing cars. There is ac­tu­ally a stronger ar­gu­ment for a higher speed limit for bikes to give us more con­trol in cre­at­ing and main­tain­ing safe dis­tances be­tween us and other ve­hi­cles. Ian Price, Gwynedd

Be­ware cheap levers

Sum­mer fi­nally ar­rived in July and it was a time to do some more per­son­al­is­ing on my new bike, I had al­ready added the fac­tory LED in­di­ca­tor op­tion, dressed the ex­haust with ti­ta­nium and fit­ted the fac­tory fen­der, now all I had to do was to re­place the stan­dard levers with black/red levers, I re­call see­ing the fac­tory black levers around £150 which I thought was a tad ex­pen­sive so I opted for a pair im­ported from China and sold on­line. Now be­fore you start, yes they are from China, but they don’t have a plug, bat­ter­ies and are vir­tu­ally a solid ob­ject. No in­struc­tions but straight­for­ward to fit, now time to ride. Af­ter about six min­utes the brakes ap­plied all by them­selves. So maybe there is a rea­son proper levers cost more cash. T Cheetham, email

Ped Baker’s re­search found the pipe was qui­eter than a petrol lawn mower

Phil Read drops in for a bit of lunch

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