‘Thun­der­birds are worth a look this win­ter’

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Last week I listed a few bikes I’m con­sid­er­ing buy­ing this win­ter, be­cause I think they’re go­ing to go up – Fire­blade, be­cause they’re un­der-priced, ZRX1200 be­cause mus­cle bikes are com­ing back into fash­ion, Black­bird be­cause no­body’s made a valid re­place­ment for it yet, and Ze­phyr 750 be­cause retro is back in fash­ion.

And also, be­cause it’s retro, I’m con­tem­plat­ing the Tri­umph Thun­der­bird. These are al­ready in de­mand – for my money, they’re more con­vinc­ing than the early Bon­nevilles, and they cer­tainly go bet­ter – but you can find de­cent ones for the right money if you look and (cru­cially) they’re one of those bikes where peo­ple don’t de­mand 100% orig­i­nal­ity, so you can re­place some com­po­nents with qual­ity pat­tern after­mar­ket stuff if you buy a dam­aged one.

The Honda CBF1000 is avail­able for re­ally low money as well, but I’m un­cer­tain about this one. I have a sus­pi­cion that it’s cheap not be­cause it’s been over­looked, but be­cause no­body re­ally wants them.

I’m also go­ing to be look­ing for a Ninja 250 or two. I’m cer­tain good used sporty A2 bikes are go­ing to be where the used mar­ket is next year, and the Kawasaki has been around longer than the Yamaha MT- 03, so there are more about – and they’re cheaper.

Clas­sics? The old SOHC Honda CB550, be­cause the 750 and 400 Fours have al­ready started ris­ing, while the 550 has been ig­nored. Bet­ter still, it’s ac­tu­ally a bet­ter bike to ride than ei­ther of the other two. Next week The topsy-turvy used bike mar­ket in ac­tion

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