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Tester Dan Suther­land

Time tested Six weeks/3000 miles

What’s good? These are with­out doubt the most com­fort­able and best fit­ting of the five pairs of boots I’ve worn since I started rid­ing. They are a snug fit but still leave am­ple room to tuck leathers in­side. The Gaerne GRW of­fers a de­cent level of water­proof­ing too, re­sist­ing light sum­mer show­ers on the com­mute to MCN’S of­fice. Neat touches like the Gaerne badge run­ning over the toes­lid­ers and the dis­tinc­tive black G on the shin give these boots a pre­mium look and feel too. Their slim de­sign also means easy ac­cess to the shift lever when chang­ing gear and the thin sole of­fers ad­di­tional feel when op­er­at­ing the back brake.

And what’s not? The right boot has started to squeak a bit. This is fine on the bike, but when you have to walk around in them it can get a lit­tle tire­some. Also, if you are go­ing to buy these boots for se­ri­ous miles, white boots will soon lose their shine. The white is lovely to look at new, but it soon be­comes dulled by the bad weather and dirt thrown up by the roads. Con­tact www. Qual­ity ★★★★ ★ Value ★★★★★

They don’t call Dan ‘Sher­iff White Boots’ for noth­ing 3000 ES MIL

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