Q Why is my NC750X be­ing a pig on some gearchanges?

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My 2015 NC750X has trou­ble get­ting into neu­tral once it’s warmed up. It slots in fine for the first few miles but af­ter that needs revving to 2000rpm or more to slot in. The dealer said this could be be­cause the chain was tighter than usual and slack­ened it slightly, which helped slightly for a while. Michael Sedgwick, email

An­swered by Scott Bul­lett, Doble Mo­tor­cy­cles This sounds like a drag­ging clutch. When the clutch wears the ca­ble gets tighter un­til there is no freeplay and the clutch wear ac­cel­er­ates un­til you get slip from burnt-out clutch plates or drag from distorted clutch plates. Check that freeplay at the clutch lever is at least 6mm and if you still have the prob­lem you’ll need to strip the clutch to ex­am­ine the con­di­tion of the plates.

Clutch wear could be your prob­lem

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