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In a re­cent tour­ing test to the A1 Ring in Aus­tria, Richard New­land spoke about fit­ting the baf­fle back into the GT’S Akrapovic “for a less noisy trip”. Is it an Akrapovic slip-on bolted to the orig­i­nal cat, or is it a full Akrapovic sys­tem with a de­cat? Is there much sound dif­fer­ence with or with­out the baf­fle? Erik Steen, email

An­swered by Richard New­land, MCN Deputy Editor The Akrapovic end can is an of­fi­cial ac­ces­sory for £729.53. It is just a slip-on, not a full sys­tem, and doesn’t de­cat the pipe. It’s fully road ho­molo­gated with the baf­fle in, and yes, there is a no­tice­able dif­fer­ence with the baf­fle out. I static mea­sured it with a noise meter blip­ping the throt­tle, and it peaked at 99.8db baf­fle in, 105.9db baf­fle out. The baf­fle is very hard to re­move and re­fit, due to it be­ing a re­ally tight dis­tress fit with a bolt to se­cure it, and hav­ing done both I just leave it in place now.

It sounds good enough with the baf­fle in

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