Q Can I get a full li­cence for au­to­mat­ics only?

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Af­ter years of scooter­ing, I have de­cided it’s time for a proper bike... kind of. Hav­ing passed my CBT and the­ory, I’m about to take the A-li­cence mod­ules. How­ever, I only in­tend to ride a 750cc au­to­matic. Does that mean I should take the exam/s on an equiv­a­lent cc bike? And if so, can I use an au­to­matic? I’m so con­fused. It’s enough to put me back in a car. Hugh Billings, email

An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN Don’t panic, it’s not as con­fus­ing as it seems. Just as in the car world, if you pass your test on a ma­chine with au­to­matic or semi-au­to­matic trans­mis­sion then you’ll only get a li­cence for those types of ma­chine and won’t be able to ride a man­ual bike un­less you re­take your test on one. The mo­tor­cy­cle you use for a cat­e­gory-a test has to be ‘at least 595cc’ and pro­duce ‘at least 40kw’, or 54bhp in old money. You have to use the same class or sub-cat­e­gory of bike with the same type of trans­mis­sion for both parts of the test.

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