‘If you can get a kit­ted up one it’s a bonus’

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‘Peo­ple of­ten don’t get them main­tained prop­erly’

‘It’s a bril­liant bike – but they do seem to get used and abused. Main­te­nance­wise, peo­ple only seem to bring them in when some­thing’s gone wrong. Own­ers don’t tend to look af­ter them as much as they should. But the bike it­self doesn’t re­ally go wrong, it’s the type of own­ers they at­tract who tend to just ride them, and ride them, and ride them.

‘Me­chan­i­cally, it’s a good en­gine. With the big­ger ver­sion, the DL1000, we do get a few prob­lems but the 650 is very tough. But again, the type of peo­ple that buy them of­ten don’t get them main­tained prop­erly so if you’re buy­ing used try to find one with a ser­vice his­tory.

‘High mileages are quite com­mon. I think be­cause they’ve got a bit of pro­tec­tion from the el­e­ments own­ers use them more on mo­tor­ways than SV own­ers and as a re­sult we see some re­ally high mileage ones. But again, as long as it’s been looked af­ter that’s noth­ing to worry about.

‘The only thing you might get a prob­lem with is the ex­haust. Again, the 650 doesn’t suf­fer as much as the 1000 but the check the header pipe that comes out of the rear cylin­der. Be­cause they’ve got a join in them to mount the en­gine in the frame, there’s a gas­ket there that can blow and be­cause it’s never ever taken off un­less there’s a prob­lem the ex­haust bolts can be rusted and seized. ‘Again, the 650 doesn’t suf­fer from it as much as the 1000, but the gas­ket can dis­in­te­grate and you get a re­ally noisy, blow­ing ex­haust.

‘Over­all, though, they’re re­ally good, solid bikes. As with any ma­chine that peo­ple do high mileages on, they tend to have heated grips and pan­niers and Scot­toil­ers and so on fit­ted. But as long as it’s good qual­ity stuff and the work has been done cor­rectly, it should be fine. Long gone are the days of Krauser pan­niers from the 1980s fas­tened on with a load of Mec­cano. To­day, most pan­niers are good stuff and can be a real boost to prac­ti­cal­ity.

‘Suzuki sup­plied some kit­ted up ver­sions with of­fi­cial lug­gage and cen­tre­stands and so on so if you can get one of those it’s a bonus – es­pe­cially if it has that full ser­vice his­tory as well!’

Header pipes are vul­ner­a­ble and check for gaps in the ser­vice his­tory

SHAUN LOCK Ser­vice Fore­man at Bridge Mo­tor­cy­cles in Exeter

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