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Bell Star Hel­met £399.99

Tester Si­mon Relph Time tested 6500 miles/six months

What’s good? My very first hel­met was a Bell RT, back in 1981 when I started rid­ing on the road – and they have cer­tainly come on since then. The Bell Star was launched ear­lier this year, about the same time I took de­liv­ery of my Tri­umph Thrux­ton R long-term test bike and I’ve worn it pretty much ev­ery day since.

Bell cer­tainly haven’t dropped any clangers here. The Star works well with a naked bike, with very lit­tle buf­fet­ing, mostly thanks to its aero­dy­namic shape. Even on the Thrux­ton R it’s pretty quiet, so I tend only to use earplugs on longer jour­neys.

The vi­sor is thicker than most (about 3mm), so there’s no rat­tling around. The mech­a­nism pulls it back­wards as it clicks into place, keep­ing it firmly down when closed and help­ing the soft rub­ber seal keep out un­wanted drafts and rain.

An­other re­ally nice thing about the vi­sor is its re­moval and re­place­ment op­er­a­tion. Sim­ply push in the two but­tons ei­ther side of the hel­met, raise the vi­sor up­wards, then off it comes. The same goes for putting it back on. Easy­peasey with no mess­ing about.

Ven­ti­la­tion is good, which makes a big dif­fer­ence in the sum­mer months. There is one vent above and one be­low the vi­sor, plus an ad­di­tional two on top both front and rear with a wiremeshed ex­haust vent at the back.

The hel­met over­all is very com­fort­able and well-padded with a liner that stays fresh but can also eas­ily be re­moved for clean­ing.

The shell is con­structed from a mix of three ma­te­ri­als (Aramid fi­bres, car­bon fi­bre and fi­bre­glass) which keep it light but af­ford­able com­pared to full car­bon hel­mets.

The chin­strap uses con­ven­tional D-ring, but uses a less con­ven­tional yet sim­pleto-use mag­netic clasp to stop the end of the strap flap­ping in the wind. Nice touch!

What’s not? Since I fit­ted a han­dle­bar low­er­ing kit to my Thrux­ton R I find my view of the hori­zon slightly ob­scured by the top of the aper­ture, so with this change I would have been bet­ter to have opted for the Race Star which was de­vel­oped for this more ag­gres­sive rid­ing po­si­tion.

Con­tact www.bell­hel­mets.com

RI­VAL Bell Race Star £599.99 This is the next model up on the Bell Star lad­der, made from car­bon fi­bre and fea­tur­ing the Race­view ori­en­ta­tion and Virus Cool Jade Power Mesh Liner, it’s de­signed for a racier rid­ing po­si­tion. www.bell­hel­mets.com

Mag­netic cheek­pads Eas­ily re­moved for both wash­ing, and emer­gen­cies where the lid needs to be re­moved

Strap Mag­netic strap end is a nice touch that stops any ex­cess flap­ping in the wind

Vi­sor This is pos­si­bly the best and eas­i­est mech­a­nism for vi­sor re­moval and re-fit­ting

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