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FUEL 17 litres @ 35mpg = 131 miles WEIGHT 210kg SEAT 825mm POWER 158bhp TORQUE 79.59ftlb RIDER Tim Thomp­son Loves big trips to epic race tracks then beers tim.thomp­son@mo­tor­cy­cle­news.com

I’ve been ex­per­i­ment­ing with the MT’S bar po­si­tion. Ad­justable Gilles ris­ers (£149.99) al­low the bars to be raised or low­ered 8mm from stan­dard as well as moved for­ward or back. Ini­tially I fit­ted them to get a bit more of me over the front end but as the year has pro­gressed I’ve de­vel­oped a crack­ing case of epi­condyli­tis, bet­ter known as ten­nis el­bow, which flares up ev­ery time I ride the MT with any pur­pose. Hard brak­ing and ac­cel­er­a­tion send a stab­bing pain up my right fore­arm, which seems to be ex­ac­er­bated by the an­gle and height of the bars. On sports­bikes, with arms, wrists and hands all in line, the pain vir­tu­ally dis­ap­pears, so I think I need, ul­ti­mately, to fit lower, flat­ter bars to the MT.

Go­ing down…d Tim needs lower bars

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