‘We haven’t had an en­gine apart in eight years’

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“They’re pretty solid, to be hon­est. A lot de­pends on how they’re used. We don’t see any with par­tic­u­larly high mileage be­cause they’re a toy for the ma­jor­ity of peo­ple.

“That said, we’ve had the oc­ca­sional things like the discs wear­ing and warp­ing. Peo­ple think they’re sav­ing a bit of money by putting in EBC pads or some­thing like that – but EBC pads work well with EBC discs. EBC or af­ter­mar­ket pads on Tri­umph discs oblit­er­ate them. As soon as you put some­thing like EBC HH pads on it wears through the disc – it’s a false econ­omy.

“The sus­pen­sion link­age and hub need to be kept greased, too, or they’ll start to cor­rode and seize up. It’s done on the 12,000mile ser­vice and there’s a spe­cial tool for the hub so when we’re ser­vic­ing it it’s easy to pop them out and grease them up. But if not, what lit­tle grease it comes with from the fac­tory tends to dry out and if it’s been used on win­ter roads the bear­ings can start seiz­ing and fall­ing apart.

“The 1050 en­gine is pretty bul­let­proof. I’ve been here eight years and don’t think we’ve ever had one apart.

“Cos­met­ics-wise they’re no worse than any­thing else. We get a lit­tle bit of cor­ro­sion on ones used through win­ter but I can’t re­ally fault it. “Tri­umph af­ter­mar­ket si­lencers are al­ways good. The Ar­row ones, they’re al­ways good and help to sell bikes. But a lot of peo­ple get a can from a generic builder who says you don’t need to remap it. They put on th­ese GP style cans which sound ab­so­lutely hor­ri­ble, do­ing away with two big si­lencers and a cat­alyzer, ex­pect it to run per­fectly al­right then start to moan about snatch­i­ness on the throt­tle. We can fix it, but a lot of peo­ple don’t want to pay to get it remapped be­cause they’ve been told it’ll bolt straight on. But the man­u­fac­tur­ers would say that, wouldn’t they?

“Over­all, though, as long as it’s been looked af­ter they’re pretty tough. I don’t want to sound too cor­po­rate, I’m be­ing hon­est. We don’t get any ma­jor problems with them. And the small ones that we do, we find, come down to ser­vic­ing – or the lack of it.”

‘As long as it’s been looked af­ter they’re pretty bul­let­proof’

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MARTIN HALE, Head tech­ni­cian at Pure Tri­umph, Welling­bor­ough, Northants

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