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Hide­out Hi-pro tex­tile jacket £850 and trousers £650

Tester Ru­pert Paul Time used One year/5000 miles

What’s good? One look at the price tells you this suit be­longs among the posh­est win­ter pro­tec­tion gear, along­side Hal­vars­son and Rukka. I has­ten to say I didn’t pay for it my­self – I got it sec­ond­hand and asked Hide­out to al­ter it to suit me (big­ger di­am­e­ter arms, smaller di­am­e­ter legs) for £140.

It’s made from a breath­able, Kevlar-weave outer ma­te­rial that re­pels water, and the seams are sealed after sewing or re­pairs. The whole thing feels soft and fairly light, so it’s easy to put on and very com­fort­able – you don’t feel like you’re clam­ber­ing into a space suit.

It’s clearly been de­signed by peo­ple who ride bikes: cuffs fit over gloves, and you can do the cuff zips up with gloves on. The tai­lored, zip-to­gether fit means it doesn’t catch the wind much. The trousers have leather on the bum. The body ar­mour is com­pre­hen­sive and high spec, and the tight-ish fit means the ar­mour should ac­tu­ally stay in the right place in a crash.

Warmth is pretty good: I re­cently did 150 mo­tor­way miles at 7-9°C wear­ing just a T-shirt and shirt un­der­neath. I was chilly but OK. Adding a body warmer makes all the dif­fer­ence.

What’s not? It’s very ex­pen­sive – but MCN’S Adam Child, who com­mutes be­tween Peter­bor­ough and York­shire, reck­ons Rukka make the best suits, and a Rukka Nav­i­ga­tor jacket alone is £1000.

Con­tact www.hide­out-leather.co.uk

Zip All the zips are wa­ter­proof, and the pock­ets are easy to reach Patch Hide­out patched and re­sealed a small hole in the knee as part of the al­ter­ations Popper Ad­justable straps pre­vent flap­ping whether you have a woolly jumper or a T-shirt

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