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HIGH­LIGHTS Elec­tric su­per­bike Oil-cooled 3-phase mo­tor Fully-ad­justable sus­pen­sion

Are elec­tric bikes the fu­ture of mo­tor­cy­cling? Well, there’s no doubt they’re go­ing to play an in­creas­ing part – and if they look as good, or go as well as the Ego, then we’re up for a slice of those elec­trons.

It’s not what you’d call light, at 258kg, but it car­ries its weight well. The ride qual­ity is plush and con­trolled, the Pirelli Di­ablo Rosso Corsa tyres ooze grip and it takes lit­tle ef­fort to turn and flick through flip-flops. You no­tice the weight more at low speed and when you’re pad­dling it around, but En­er­gica have given it a re­verse gear to help you out. The oil­cooled three-phase AC per­ma­nent mag­net mo­tor has twice the torque of a su­per­bike from zero revs to 4700rpm and makes around the same power as a GSX-R750 all the way from 4900rpm to 10,500rpm. Dull it is not. Take a look into the fu­ture, and eye up the naked ver­sion while you’re there.


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