KTM 1290 SU­PER DUKE GT £15,999

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FUEL 23 litres @ 44.55mpg = 225 miles WEIGHT 205kg (dry) SEAT HEIGHT 835mm POWER 173bhp TORQUE 106ftlb THE RIDER Richard New­land. Sports­bike ad­dict with a love of road rid­ing, in all weath­ers. HEIGHT 5ft 11in WEIGHT 115kg richard.new­land@motorcyclenews.com This is one for the list of Ôthings I never knew I needed’: Hill Hold Con­trol. I’ve al­ways taken great plea­sure in try­ing to learn how to do things for my­self, and will be for­ever grate­ful that I grew up in a time when trac­tion con­trol, ABS, anti-wheelie and myr­iad other help­ful sys­tems just didn’t ex­ist, and now my Su­per Duke GT has HHC (£147.52), which au­to­mat­i­cally de­tects when you’ve come to a halt on an in­cline, and will hold the brakes on for you for the few sec­onds be­fore you pull away. It takes just min­utes to en­able at your dealer, and no-one even has to get a span­ner out Ð it’s all about lap­tops and don­gles. It’s ac­tu­ally rather use­ful, too.

Plug in the don­gle and load up the HHC

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