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FUEL 18 litres @ 50mpg = 200 miles WEIGHT 247kg SEAT HEIGHT 755mm POWER 156bhp TORQUE 95ftlb THE RIDER Emma Franklin. 125GP racer with a love of sports and per­for­mance. HEIGHT 5ft 7in WEIGHT 60kg emma.franklin@motorcyclenews.com Maybe it’s the way my brain’s wired, but I can never usu­ally be bothered with the rig­ma­role of re­set­ting a bike’s clock at the end of Bri­tish Sum­mer Time. Even though I love to keep an eye on the time as I’m rid­ing to work, I’m usu­ally flum­moxed by the need to press and hold but­tons to en­ter menus and sub­menus, and then I usu­ally balls it up. Even the clock in my car, which I’ve owned for five years, is only right for half a year (in­ci­den­tally, if any­one knows how to re­set the time in a 2007 Mercedes CLK320, please get in touch!) But all that’s changed with the Xdi­avel. Lit­er­ally two but­tons and 10 sec­onds was all it took.

Chang­ing the time’s never been eas­ier

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