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Why bikes do some race bikes have carbon brakes, but never ce­ramic ones?

Brembo make ce­ramic brakes for road su­per­cars such as Fer­rari, but not for mo­tor­cy­cles. Ce­ramic brakes have many ben­e­fits over con­ven­tional ones, while the pads wear like a nor­mal fric­tion ma­te­rial, the disc will never wear out, so it is a disc for the bike’s life. Ce­ramic discs are also lighter than metal and will not warp. How­ever, as a ce­ramic disc for a mo­tor­cy­cle is very thin in com­par­i­son with a car disc it can be brit­tle and on a bike’s ex­posed wheel this is a prob­lem. Ce­ramic is also more ex­pen­sive to pro­duce, which is the ma­jor stum­bling block.

‘Ce­ramic can be brit­tle, which is a prob­lem on a bike’

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