How does the Evel Spirit Work?

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‘It’s very sim­ple’ Ed­die Braun says of his Evel Spirit rocket. ‘It’s hot water – it’s a steam mo­tor. It has a tank that is filled with ex­tremely hot water un­der high pres­sure. The water is steamed to 500 de­grees so when I hit the launch but­ton it was like pop­ping the cork on a bot­tle of cham­pagne. It all comes out at once – 10,000bhp. There’s no way of reg­u­lat­ing it what­so­ever.” Even dur­ing the flight, Braun had prac­ti­cally no con­trol over the craft. “We had some lit­tle wings at the front that I had the op­tion of con­trol­ling with ped­als but I chose not to use them so we locked them in place” he says. “I fig­ured that all I would achieve with them was to screw the whole thing up so we never used them!”

The team used blue­prints from Evel’s orig­i­nal Sky Cy­cle rocket Evel Spirit takes shape Of course, it had to be stars & stripes A small team kept the de­sign sim­ple

There were no prac­tice runs for Braun and his team

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