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Q How can I stop get­ting hot & both­ered?

My Kawasaki ZX-10R is over­heat­ing be­low 40mph. Yes­ter­day I no­ticed a coolant leak, but it turned out a clamp on the ra­di­a­tor hose had come loose. Prob­lem solved, or so I thought. When I took the bike out to­day it was fine above 40mph, but any­thing lower and the tem­per­a­ture would creep higher and higher. Al­though the fan spins freely, it doesn’t seem to be com­ing on. John David­son, email

A Chris Dabbs, MCN There is a sim­ple se­ries of checks on the coolant sys­tem of any bike. Start by check­ing that the fuse for the fan cir­cuit hasn’t blown and there’s suf­fi­cient coolant in the sys­tem. Run the en­gine at a stand­still un­til it’s warm and see if the fan kicks in. If it doesn’t, this could be be­cause the fan switch is faulty or that the coolant isn’t cir­cu­lat­ing prop­erly. Stop the mo­tor, and wear­ing a heavy glove with some waste cloth wrapped around the ra­di­a­tor cap, care­fully crack the cap open to re­lease any pres­sure. Re­move it, start the en­gine and see if the coolant is flow­ing prop­erly. If the top hose is still cool it could be that the ther­mo­stat is stick­ing closed, or that you have an air­lock some­where. If that’s the case you need to drain the sys­tem, check the ther­mo­stat opens and closes and then re­fill the sys­tem. If ev­ery­thing checks out it’s pos­si­ble the water pump could be get­ting lazy, ei­ther through crud on the im­peller blades or bear­ings get­ting worn. If you take it out to check, re­place it care­fully as it mates with a gear­box shaft through a ‘fork’ con­nec­tion and if you force it you could break the fork.

Q Why has my my Q lit­tle Ban­dit gone ban­zai?

My Suzuki GSF1250 Ban­dit runs fine when it’s cold, but when it gets warm the throt­tle re­sponse starts to get jerky in sec­ond or third gear. Any ideas? Keith Hen­der­son, email Gareth Hall, Red­car Mo­tor­cy­cles A faulty gear po­si­tion sen­sor A may be fool­ing the ECU into us­ing the wrong fu­elling map. If the neu­tral light comes on when the bike is in gear, that’s an­other symp­tom. It is not un­com­mon for the sen­sor to fail, and a new one costs £79.78. It is mounted be­hind the sprocket cover and is some­thing a com­pe­tent home me­chanic could eas­ily tackle, or ex­pect to pay one hour’s labour at a dealer.

I need a quick Q fix for my Mon­sterõs speedo

The speedo on my Du­cati Mon­ster 1100 lags up to 70mph, then re­fuses to go higher. While over­haul­ing the forks I changed the speedo ca­ble, but saw no im­prove­ment. Have I com­pro­mised the speedo drive in the fork ser­vice, or has the speedo suf­fered in an oil-bath? John Mar­shall, email

A Neil Bar­rett, Corner­speed Du­cati As you’ve al­ready re­placed the ca­ble, check the drive in the front wheel. If it’s be­come gummed up that will place a drag on the sys­tem. Also check the se­cur­ing tang is in the right place. You can get oil con­tam­i­na­tion in the clocks, but it nor­mally re­sults in the speedo read­ing fast, so look at the

front wheel first.

Q Is there any way to fix my fu­elling is­sue?

I have a 2014 Honda CB650F, and while it’s gen­er­ally good I’m not happy with the fu­elling at small throt­tle open­ings. When pulling away I’m ei­ther giv­ing it too lit­tle throt­tle or too much, there’s no happy medium. What’s caus­ing this? Ken Wil­liams, Gwent

A Chris Dabbs, MCN Hon­das have an emis­sions con­trol de­vice called PAIR, which bleeds air into the ex­haust to burn any un­used fuel. On some bikes it has been known to cause a flatspot around 4000rpm, espe­cially on a light throt­tle. You can get hold of af­ter­mar­ket blank­ing kits on­line for about £25.

Over­heat­ing ZX-10R could be caused by a sticky ther­mo­stat

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