So what is car­bon fi­bre – and why are there two dif­fer­ent types?

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Car­bon fi­bre is, quite lit­er­ally, fi­bres of car­bon that are wo­ven into a ma­te­rial in much the same way wool is wo­ven into a blan­ket. There are two main types of car­bon pro­duc­tion, wet lay and pre-preg, but most com­pa­nies now use pre-preg. The car­bon sheet is preim­preg­nated with resin and once shaped around a mould is put in a vac­uum bag and then heated and pres­surised in an au­to­clave. The pres­sure forces out any trapped air bub­bles to give a per­fect fault-free fin­ish, while the heat causes the resin to cure and harden.

‘It’s quite lit­er­ally, fi­bres of car­bon wo­ven into a ma­te­rial’

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