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Cheap and very cheer­ful

I re­mem­ber when a packet of crisps was 20p, chips were 50p and cig­a­rettes £1.72 for 20, but a pound isn’t worth what it used to be, and I didn’t have great hopes for Lex­moto’s £1699 ZX-F. How can they pos­si­bly pro­duce a good bike for so lit­tle cash?

The four-stroke mo­tor runs a con­ven­tional carb, which means you have a man­ual choke and even a fuel tap – just like the Hyosung. In its favour over the newer, con­sid­er­ably more ex­pen­sive Honda, you have disc brakes all-round, a sin­gle rear shock with preload ad­just­ment, and they’ve even tried to make it sporty look­ing with a small head­light cowl, bel­ly­pan and red rim tape on the wheels. There’s a huge lug­gage rack on the rear, a cen­tre­stand, and the pil­lion seat flips up to re­veal a stor­age area big enough to swal­low some wa­ter­proofs or spare gloves. The head­light is LED, too. Just don’t look too close, as the pegs are bendy rub­ber-mounted items and the front wheel spin­dle looks like it’s come from Ikea.

The fu­elling might not be as per­fect as the fuel in­jected Honda, but there is a pleas­ing bark from the sin­gle ex­haust pipe. This is fine out of town but in the city you sound like an an­noy­ing teenage take­away de­liv­ery rider run­ning a scooter with no ex­haust. But the im­ma­ture child in­side me en­joyed the odd back­fire, and it lets other traf­fic know you are there. Like the Honda there is some use­able torque, you can nip through traf­fic with ease, and head­down it will match the Honda on top speed. But the mo­tor isn’t as smooth as the CB’S, and the gear­box is a lit­tle agri­cul­tural.

The sus­pen­sion and set-up can be de­scribed in the same way. It all works, but there isn’t a huge amount of damp­ing. You get jolted out of the seat on rough roads and de­spite hav­ing con­ven­tional 17in wheels it didn’t feel as se­cure or nat­u­ral as the Honda. But around town it ran rings around the heavy Hyosung. The bud­get Lex­moto cer­tainly ex­ceeded our ex­pec­ta­tions.

Prim­i­tive dig­i­tal tech, but use­ful fuel gauge Lex­moto has the sporti­est ap­pear­ance, and de­cent carbed per­for­mance

‘Use­able torque lets you nip through traf­fic with ease’

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