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ROUTE Up­min­ster to Hol­born, EC1 DIS­TANCE 25 miles (by road) DU­RA­TION 65 min­utes by bike, 70 min­utes on public trans­port TRANS­PORT FOR LONDON AN­NUAL SEA­SON TICKET £2364 LEX­MOTO ZSX-F £1699 + £82 IN­SUR­ANCE £1781

Up­min­ster is on the east­ern edge of London’s com­muter belt, while Hol­born is in the heart of the city. It’s a dis­tance of 25 miles, with a jour­ney time of just over an hour. Un­ex­pected de­lays aside, the dif­fer­ence in travel time be­tween mo­tor­cy­cle and public trans­port is neg­li­gi­ble.

An an­nual sea­son rail ticket is £2364, while the Lex­moto costs under £1800 on the road (in­clud­ing in­sur­ance). That leaves over £500 in the kitty for fuel, tax and run­ning costs. In year two you’d have to pay the £2364 again, but the Lex­moto would al­ready be paid for. Plus, at the end of two year, the bike will be worth a few hun­dred pounds, while your travel card will just be a re­ceipt for the pun­ish­ment you’ve en­dured on public trans­port.

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