THIS WEEK’S QUICK FIX Fix a flat tyre

Don’t get stranded by a punc­ture

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Find the cul­prit

Re­pair kits cost around £30. Lo­cate the cause of the punc­ture then care­fully re­move the of­fend­ing item with pil­ers or grips. Re­mem­ber, you will only be able to make a tem­po­rary re­pair.

Plug the hole

Car­gol/gryyp type emer­gency re­pair kits, which fea­ture a screw-in bung, are the eas­i­est to use. Sim­ply screw in the key-shaped re­pair then snap off the han­dle when the bung is fully in­serted.

Kit al­ter­na­tives

Other types of re­pair kit in­volve ream­ing out the hole with a spe­cial tool that comes as part of the kit then in­sert­ing a plug plus rub­ber ce­ment com­pound into it. It’s sim­ple enough but the other type is eas­ier.

Gas it up

Use the CO gas

2 cartridge to in­flate the tyre. Check the re­pair is air-tight by putting spit over the re­pair and check­ing for bub­bles. You’ll make it home fine but book into your dealer as soon as pos­si­ble.

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