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Clear those pores

Pin­lock in­serts are made from a por­ous ma­te­rial that ab­sorbs wa­ter, but over time dirt can clog those pores and stop the insert work­ing prop­erly. So first, re­move the vi­sor from your hel­met.

Set the insert free

Re­move the vi­sor and straighten it out by hold­ing it flat on clean and grit-free sur­face to re­lease the ten­sion on the lo­cat­ing pins, then care­fully ease the Pin­lock insert free ready for clean­ing.

Give it a rinse

Next rinse the insert un­der a cold tap then shake it to re­move any ex­cess mois­ture and al­low it to air dry com­pletely be­fore re­fit­ting. Don’t try to dry it off with kitchen pa­per as it may cause scratches.

Fin­ish­ing touches

Clean the in­side of the vi­sor and dry. Straighten the vi­sor out and pop the Pin­lock slots onto the vi­sor mount­ing pins. You can ad­just the ten­sion of the insert on the vi­sor by by ro­tat­ing the mount­ing pins.

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