Who are you invit­ing to your garage party

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Mike Hail­wood

I hon­estly think Mike could ride a mod­ern bike as well as any­one and I’d love to see him on one. I’d want to show him the TZ and NS.

David Whitham

Dad got me into bikes and would think ev­ery bike I own is rub­bish as it’s not a Manx Nor­ton, so he’d be there as a com­edy grumpy old man!

John Mcguin­ness

John is such a bike nerd, prob­a­bly the biggest I know, and he would ap­pre­ci­ate my bikes. Al­though he’d spot a fas­tener or bracket that isn’t cor­rect.

Phil Mellor

Phil was such a good guy, re­ally funny and a bril­liant bloke to be around. He would get on with Hail­wood a storm and that would be com­edy gold.

Fred­die Spencer

I love Fred­die as he tells you about amaz­ing stuff you re­mem­ber him do­ing as if it was nor­mal! There is no ego and he’d be able to talk me through the de­vel­op­ment of the NS500 and bore the shit out of us while we drank tea.

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