“IT’S AN H2R FOR ME, TOO” Tom has both the new and clas­sic H2R. Lucky man Pop­ping to the shops on a Ver­sys is a bit slower than on an H2R

Motorcycle News (UK) - - Dream Garage - Tom Sykes

It’s an H2R for me too. I’m slowly build­ing my dream garage. I’ve got a Kawasaki H2R plus I’ve got the old two-stroke 750cc H2R as well. I’d like Mick Doohan’s NSR500 too; that would be quite cool! It would be nice to have one of Valentino’s bikes as well be­cause he’s one of my he­roes. I looked at buy­ing a Har­ley, but I’d rather have some­thing that I can pop down to the shops on like a Ver­sys. Maybe I’d have a pole danc­ing pole in there too, but I’m not sure the wife would ap­prove...

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