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Fol­low­ing the re­cent con­fir­ma­tion of what we all knew, i.e. that Bri­tish roads are the most con­gested in Europe – isn’t this manna from heaven for Ian Mutch and MAG? The 2012 re­port by Bel­gian con­sul­tancy Trans­port and Mo­bil­ity Leu­ven showed that a 25% shift to bikes would wipe out con­ges­tion in Brussels where the study took place. Ok, all ci­ties are dif­fer­ent, but not that dif­fer­ent, and we need to be scream­ing this from the rooftops. In essence the mes­sage is the same: ‘beat the jams get a bike.’ If one in a hun­dred puts down their mo­biles long enough to no­tice the mes­sage we are on the way. Mark Rowlands, email

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