‘Early mod­els have agri­cul­tural en­gines’

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“I’m se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing buy­ing a used K1200R as I think they are bril­liant – more than fast enough to have fun but great for churn­ing out the miles. They are also re­li­able, as long as you get one that has been prop­erly ser­viced.

“Early mod­els have very agri­cul­tural en­gines and ev­ery­thing is a bit loud and clunky. The cam­chain ten­sioner takes a while to get oil pres­sure, which makes them very noisy, but you can fit the K1300’s ten­sioner to al­le­vi­ate the prob­lem and that’s a sim­ple swap. The clutch bas­ket has six springs at its back to re­move that bang when you en­gage first gear, but the whole unit wears and rat­tles. We have seen one with 60,000 miles on it that rat­tled like hell but worked per­fectly, so it’s noth­ing to worry about. The gear­box can be a bit frag­ile, es­pe­cially if a quick­shifter has been fit­ted, so never try and retro fit a K1300 gearshift as­sist pack­age or af­ter­mar­ket quick­shifter and al­ways check it doesn’t jump out of gear on a test ride.

“The ra­di­a­tor can be a bit of a prob­lem if the bike isn’t cleaned reg­u­larly. It is very ex­posed and gets full of crud, caus­ing it to rot from the bot­tom up­wards. They don’t leak, but they stop be­ing ef­fi­cient and the bike’s fan will come on and stay on, es­pe­cially in traf­fic. Swap­ping the ra­di­a­tor is very ex­pen­sive as the sys­tem needs care­ful bleed­ing and the ra­di­a­tor it­self costs £463. Speak­ing of ser­vic­ing, the valve clear­ances need check­ing at 18,000 miles, which is quite an in­volved job as it re­quires the ra­di­a­tor to be re­moved.

“Just like a bike with head bear­ings, the K1200R’S Duolever’s ball joints wear. You can feel this as a gen­tle weave at 30mph and chang­ing them costs over £400. You can check them by putting the bike on its cen­tre­stand and feel­ing for some move­ment – never do this by rest­ing the bike on its side­stand.

“The K1200R isn’t as solid as the K1300 as it is a first gen­er­a­tion and had teething is­sues, but as long as they are ser­viced reg­u­larly they are very re­li­able. BMW is­sued a lot of up­dates, re­calls and mods through the dealer net­work and if the bike isn’t ser­viced by a BMW deal­er­ship it may have missed these. If in doubt then get the VIN num­ber checked by BMW.”

‘Early mod­els had agri­cul­tural en­gines and were loud and clunky’

Look here Look here Oil feed to the cam­chain ten­sioner can be swapped with the K1300 unit

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