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‘It all adds up to the most tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced Br­ti­ish pro­duc­tion bike ever built’

The most high-tech Brit bike ever 1200cc liq­uid-cooled V4 Full elec­tron­ics pack­age

When was the last time a Bri­tish mo­tor­cy­cle firm re­leased a 200bhp TT-de­vel­oped su­per­bike? Never, that’s when. Un­til now.

This is the all-new V4 RR – a Bri­tish-de­signed su­per­bike boast­ing a be­spoke Nor­ton 72-de­gree V4 en­gine, and it prom­ises to be the fastest Nor­ton road bike ever pro­duced. De­vel­oped from the SG5 TT bike that lapped the Mountain Course at nearly 131mph, each one will be hand-built at the East Mid­lands fac­tory, and you can even opt for a TT replica chrome fin­ish, just like the TT bike.

It’s not just a van­ity project de­signed in a board­room and punted out as a cyn­i­cal piece of in­co­her­ent de­sign to keep the cof­fers swollen, ei­ther. The en­gi­neer­ing is truly im­pres­sive, and so is the qual­ity, de­tail, fit and fin­ish. Wher­ever you look there’s qual­ity en­gi­neer­ing, blended with cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy.

It uses a car­bon fi­bre fuel tank, built by car­bon gu­rus BST in South Africa, is of full car­bon con­struc­tion, then re­in­forced with kevlar for im­pact re­sis­tance, and fi­nally chem­i­cally lined to make it safe for hold­ing petrol.

The main frame is a pol­ished, hand built alu­minium twin-tube shot­gun chas­sis on the SS, and a cast frame and swingarm on the RR. The en­gine acts as a stressed mem­ber and fea­tures an ad­justable head­stock an­gle and swingarm pivot. The frame is ac­tu­ally 3kg lighter than the SG5 race bike’s. The RR also gets a cast swingarm and cast out­rig­gers, but the weight dif­fer­ence is min­i­mal. The frame takes around 26 hours to pol­ish, by hand.

The stan­dard RR model has OZ wheels, which are very light and fit with Nor­ton’s de­sign brief, while the top-end SS model will use BST-made car­bon fi­bre wheels, which shave an­other 1.7kg off the mass of the wheels, re­duc­ing un­sprung mass, mo­ment of in­er­tia, and in­creas­ing agility on road and track.

The en­gine uses ti­ta­nium valves, a six-speed cas­sette gear­box and a race-bred slip­per clutch, quick­shifter and au­to­blip­per.

Both the RR and SS boast car­bon fi­bre body­work, with the mud­guard, main fair­ings, nose sec­tion and tail unit all be­ing cre­ated in car­bon. The SS is pre­sented in a beau­ti­ful plain car­bon fin­ish, while the RR is painted as a TT replica, us­ing a spe­cial silver-im­preg­nated paint which is in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult to work with. The fin­ished ef­fect looks like chrome.

At the sharp end sits a fully ad­justable Öh­lins NIX30 fork, clamped by a com­pletely be­spoke ma­chined bil­let triple clamp. The top yoke was the first part of the bike Si­mon Skin­ner de­signed. At the rear is a be­spoke ver­sion of Öh­lins’ TTXGP fully ad­justable monoshock act­ing on a sim­ply stun­ning sin­gle-sided swingarm which is ma­chined from a sin­gle 70kg block of bil­let. The fin­ished swingarm weighs 3.5kg.

Tak­ing care of the brunt of the brak­ing force is a pair of fat Brembo M50 calipers, the light­est and most pow­er­ful cur­rent pro­duc­tion brakes.

It all adds up to the most tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced Br­ti­ish pro­duc­tion bike ever built – and a se­ri­ous con­tender for both TT and show­room suc­cess in 2017. In fact, the 200 V4 SS mod­els are al­ready sold out, and or­ders for the RR aren’t far be­hind. Rule Bri­tan­nia.

Price £28,000

sold out will be made, but they have al­ready Just 200 of the Nor­ton V4 SS mod­els

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