Du­cati Su­pers­port S

115bhp | 210kg | Seat height 810mm

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O 937cc V-twin O Fully-ad­justable Öh­lins sus­pen­sion O 3 rid­ing modes, 8-stage trac­tion con­trol,

Du­cati’s two new Su­pers­port mod­els mark a sig­nif­i­cant change of heart for the tra­di­tion­ally sports­bike-fo­cused com­pany. These bikes, ac­cord­ing to the fac­tory, “blend Du­cati’s sport­ing side with road fo­cused per­for­mance and ac­ces­si­bil­ity.” What this means in prac­tice is an ev­ery­day Du­cati sports­bike.

To achieve this, Du­cati have done some­thing that other man­u­fac­tur­ers have failed to do – they have de­signed a groundup new model rather than sim­ply take the short­cut of stick­ing a fair­ing on an ex­ist­ing ma­chine. So while on the face of it the Su­pers­port mod­els ap­pear to share many com­po­nents with the Hyper­mo­tard and Mon­ster range, in ac­tual fact very few items are com­mon.

The en­gine’s in­ter­nals are al­most iden­ti­cal to the Hyper­mo­tard, how­ever al­ter­ations to the in­take and ex­haust sys­tem have shifted the power lower in the rev range while longer fi­nal drive ra­tios have also been added. The Su­pers­port makes 80% of its 71.3ftlb of torque at just 3000rpm while its peak power of 115bhp ap­pears at 9000rpm. This is backed up by the same com­pre­hen­sive elec­tron­ics pack­age as found on the Hyper­mo­tard with ABS, trac­tion con­trol and vari­able fuel modes while the S also be­comes the first Du­cati since the Pani­gale to come with a bidi­rec­tional quick­shifter. And that’s not its only sim­i­lar­ity.

The Su­pers­port’s sport­ing cre­den­tials have been up­held with ge­om­e­try that is sim­i­lar to the Pani­gale’s, giv­ing it agile han­dling, while a longer wheel­base adds sta­bil­ity. Both the trel­lis frame, which uses the en­gine as a stressed mem­ber, and the sin­glesided swingarm are unique to the Su­pers­port bikes, and so are the wheels.

Du­cati say this is a sporty all-rounder that won;t be scary Price £12,795

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