NC’S disco dash sends me dizzy

MPG warn­ing is a multi-coloured clock-up

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When Honda gave the su­per -prac­ti­cal NC750X a facelift for 2017, in­cluded on these up­dates was an all-new colour chang­ing eco dash to in­form you of just how eco­nom­i­cally you are rid­ing at any given time.

While the multi-colour dash can be used in a num­ber of ways, in­clud­ing to de­ter­mine which gear you’re in or which rider mode you’re in (on the DCT ver­sion only), set as a solid colour from a choice of nine op­tions, its func­tion as de­liv­ered is pri­mar­ily to in­form you of fuel ef­fi­ciency.

It ranges from green, which means you’re do­ing pretty well, through to light blue, which is still quite good, to dark blue, less good, or­ange, not that ef­fi­cient, all the way to red/pink which is ba­si­cally bang­ing off the lim­iter.

Yeah, I’ll be hon­est, it’s a lit­tle con­fus­ing and even af­ter four months and over 5000 miles with the NC, I still don’t quite get it.

For ex­am­ple, if you want to stay ‘in the green’, you pretty much have to stay be­low 2500rpm and while the NC is a low-revving bike, at 2500rpm you aren’t re­ally go­ing any­where! On a mo­tor­way to be in the ‘green zone’ at 2500rpm you’re trav­el­ling at 56mph. It’s not much bet­ter if you go up a notch to light blue, there you’re at 65mph at about 3500rpm. Surely you don’t need an all-singing, all-danc­ing disco dash to

tell you if you ride at 2500rpm you’re go­ing to be sav­ing pen­nies on fuel?

Not only that, but it wasn’t un­til I first rode the NC at night that I even re­alised there was a dif­fer­ence in colour be­tween the ‘very ef­fi­cient’ green and ‘ef­fi­cient’ light blue…

This is a bike built for com­mut­ing but at those speeds and revs, the only ben­e­fit you’re go­ing to see from rid­ing that eco­nom­i­cally is in the city. I guess it looks pretty… and you can turn it off.

‘If you want to stay in the green zone, you have to stay be­low 2500rpm’

We reckon the dash will turn pink­ish as Oli and the NC get back on the gasé

The NCÕS crazy traf­fic light is all about stay­ing in the econ­omy sweet spot

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