‘It’s boring, but very good and ex­tremely re­li­able’

Motorcycle News (UK) - - Buying & Selling - SCOTT BUL­LETT work­shop man­ager at Doble Honda in Couls­don, Sur­rey

“If you want a bike that de­liv­ers to­tal re­li­a­bil­ity then the CBF600 is a great buy. In fact, it is so re­li­able that I am strug­gling to think of many is­sues to watch out for. If it looks a good, tidy, bike that has been looked af­ter then you should be pretty safe.

“If a CBF has been left stand­ing for a while then the carbs might need a bit of a clean out, which isn’t a mas­sive prob­lem and more than pos­si­ble for a com­pe­tent home me­chanic. When you do it, al­ways change the seals for items that don’t re­act with ethanol as when the CBF was built, petrol had a far lower ethanol con­tent. The CBF also re­sponds well to hav­ing its carbs bal­anced, which can im­prove fuel econ­omy and make it run sweeter.

“As with any older CBRstyle en­gine, get the mo­tor warm and when you blip the throt­tle lis­ten out for a rat­tle on the over-run that in­di­cates the cam­chain ten­sioner is on its way out. But again, this isn’t a big job to fix and won’t cost the earth. Al­ways look out for any ABS warn­ing lights as this can be costly to fix. I’ve seen a few bikes whose own­ers have for­got­ten to re­move the disc lock and that has bent the disc or bro­ken the ABS sen­sor. Other than the odd charg­ing is­sue and bro­ken pan­els, you are only look­ing for wear and tear on the CBF. It’s a boring, but very good bike and you know ex­actly what you are get­ting. There are no me­chan­i­cal sur­prises to worry about. “To be hon­est, the older Hor­netengined CBF is a more re­li­able ma­chine than the later RRpow­ered one. On the newer bike, wa­ter can col­lect and cause the loom to fail, which ac­tu­ally led to a re­call from Honda. If the speedo is start­ing to miss-read, check the loom un­der the tank on the left hand side where the earths bolt onto the frame. If this area is badly cor­roded, which causes the speedo sen­sor to fail, then you are in trou­ble.”

‘If it’s a tidy, bike that’s been looked af­ter then you should be safe’

Carbs can need clean­ing and bal­anc­ing and lis­ten for cam­chain rattles

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