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Why Bazza is an all-round mo­tor­cy­cling leg­end

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I’ve just read your ar­ti­cle ‘Just how Good Was Barry’ (MCN, De­cem­ber 14) and I agree with ev­ery­thing you say. He truly was spec­tac­u­lar to watch, but not just that. Many peo­ple for­get that be­tween GP races he was busy win­ning the Mcn/shell Oils Su­per­bike ti­tle (a few times!) and com­pet­ing in the Hutchin­son 100, the Transat­lantic Tro­phy Se­ries, Mal­lory’s Race of the Year, The Race of Aces and many more. Now that to me makes him spe­cial but bet­ter than that, I met him many times while trawl­ing the pits (yes, you ac­tu­ally got to talk to the rac­ers in those hal­cyon 70s and early 80s days) for that elu­sive au­to­graph (he was al­ways happy to oblige), down to Earth and ready to share a joke. Tim Wombell, email

WSB’S gone bonkers

The not-by-merit start­ing or­der for WSB race two in 2017 is a trav­esty. Pe­nal­is­ing the fastest rid­ers for their suc­cess is not my idea of fair rac­ing. They may as well start in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der of their moth­erõs maiden name. Tet­ley, East Yorks

Foggy is bang on!

So if Foggy ruled the world he would scrap the hel­met law (MCN De­cem­ber 14) Ð I could hardly be­lieve my eyes! Af­ter 43 years, dur­ing which time MAG has taken on board many is­sues and had many wins, there are still peo­ple who donõt get the stance on hel­met laws that prompted our for­ma­tion. Es­sen­tially the is­sue is one of prin­ci­ple. The law brought about no drop in fa­tal­i­ties but leav­ing that aside, this is all about the gov­ern­men­tõs right to de­ter­mine the level of risk to which in­di­vid­u­als are per­mit­ted to ex­pose them­selves. To be con­sis­tent, if you sup­port hel­met laws, you re­ally have to recog­nise that the gov­ern­ment has the right to pro­hibit mo­tor­cy­cling as it is more dan­ger­ous than driv­ing cars or trav­el­ling by pub­lic trans­port. MAGÕS po­si­tion re­mains as it be­gan. In­di­vid­u­als should have the right to make that de­ci­sion and it would seem Foggy agrees with us. Ian Mutch, MAG Pres­i­dent

That Fizzy was £289

I thought I would at­tempt to put right the na­tion­wide up­roar caused by Ge­off Gard­ner quot­ing that my dad paid £780 for his FS1-E DX in 1976 Ð I have the bill, it was £289! Cheers to reader Tim Clar­idge for prompt­ing me into ac­tion! Af­ter Ge­of­fõs bang on the head a few years back in the Isle of Man heõs never been any good with num­bers, mind you he never was! My dad is not around any­more but he was pretty switched on, he bought my other brother Ian an AP50 the fol­low­ing year, donõt ask me the price. Me and my younger brother Si­mon had to buy our own bikes, but hey all four of us still ride. Rod Gard­ner, email

Give it a rest Shakey

Iõve noth­ing against Shakey Byrne, he seems like a nice bloke, the pic­tures of him with his kids in MCN Sport were lovely, and heõs a tidy rider. But, when he keeps go­ing on about how Ôhe could have been world cham­pi­onõ IÕM re­minded of the line in the Pogues and Kirsty Mac­coll Christ­mas record - ÔI could have been some­oneõ Shane Macgowan whines. Ôwell so could any­one!õ Kirsty tells him an­grily. Coulda, shoulda, woulda mate. Give it a rest. Nigel Sav­ill, Northolt

Lay off the os­trich anus

Af­ter eat­ing os­trich anus and camel pe­nis on live TV, Carl Fog­a­rty ob­vi­ously

spent too much time in the jun­gle. To state in your re­cent in­ter­view [Q18. What type of bike would you never buy?] that ‘Aprilia bikes al­ways seem to be trying too hard to be some­thing they’re not. There are too many plas­tic bits and they sound s**t.’ This about a firm that holds 54 world ti­tles in Mo­togp, Su­per­bike and off-road? Are you fart­ing again Foggy? Don’t ridicule your­self, please. Kiril Janackov, Czeh Repub­lic

Don’t blame van man

Read­ing Bryan Peters’ let­ter about the white van man re­minded me of what I now no­tice at ev­ery set of lights these days. In the past you would al­ways get one driver go­ing through as the lights change to am­ber. But now it’s two or three go­ing through as they change to red! It’s get­ting so bad it’s more dan­ger­ous to stop as the lights are chang­ing than it is to sneak through. Oh and I’m a white van man and a mo­tor­cy­clist, we’re not all id­iots. Ken Clark­son, email

Van men ride bikes too

In ref­er­ence to Bryan Peters and his near ‘wipe­out’ (MCN Let­ters, De­cem­ber 14) by a white van, I’d like to com­ment from a dif­fer­ent an­gle. I am a reg­u­lar rider (rain or shine, night and day, 50 years old) and have two points to make. With my reg­u­lar bike com­mute in­volv­ing a tire­some amount of fil­ter­ing, I am ac­com­mo­dated with abun­dant cour­tesy, with­out fail, by the van driv­ing com- mu­nity. Se­condly, as a white van driver (dec­o­ra­tor and teacher by ‘trade’), I take is­sue with be­ing la­belled an idiot. While my two de­grees and teacher qual­i­fi­ca­tion might not im­prove my driv­ing, I feel my re­spect for those driv­ers in vans is raised ev­ery time I need to find a gap. The ones to watch for, as I point out daily to my good lady, are the ones with stick­ers all over the rear of their 4x4s that say ‘Think Bike’. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, rarely has one of these looked in their mirrors while in traf­fic ahead of me on my bike. Dom Car­pen­ter, Corn­wall

One more time, Guy

Many would wel­come, as I do, Guy Martin’s re­turn to the TT. I also wel­come his recog­nis­ing the fact that he would need to de­vote se­ri­ous time to his prepa­ra­tion, to pre­pare his body and more im­por­tantly, his mind to win on the is­land. In his own words (in MCN) Guy has “done well as a part time racer” and it may be fair to sug­gest that his prepa­ra­tion for the TT has in the past, been lack­ing, and that can be some­thing on which he needs to fo­cus on and change. Prepa­ra­tion and fo­cus are key. In 2009 with Wil­son Craig Guy was in a win­ning po­si­tion when he stepped off the bike at around 160 or so mph and the bike be­came a fire­ball. That year Guy seemed as much fo­cused on span­ner­ing as he was rid­ing, maybe more. He is the rider, that’s his job and Guy needs to trust those around him to do their jobs and it seemed that his trust was not quite there. Gavin Gough, email

Nor­ton needs to go green

The Nor­ton V4 SS is a very fine mo­tor­cy­cle in­deed but why isn’t there one in metal­lic Bri­tish Rac­ing Green? That has surely got to be the proper colour for a truly Bri­tish mo­tor­cy­cle. I’ve been a Nor­ton fan all my life and I am nearly 80. Ray Mor­ley, Es­sex

‘Peo­ple in 4x4s with Think Bike stick­ers never seem to look in their mirrors’

It’s no won­der Bazza was such a fans’ favourite

Hand­some ma­chine, but how about one in Bri­tish Rac­ing Green, eh?

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