‘I did 175mph on an old Black­bird. It scared me’

Motorcycle News (UK) - - This Week - Mar­cel Duinker, Tom Sykesõ crew chief

Q1. What are you rid­ing? I am too ashamed to tell you.

Q2. Who do you ad­mire? Rossi. He’s a leg­end.

Q3. Your worst rid­ing habit? Not rid­ing my bike enough. Once the sea­son starts I don’t get the time. It’s ter­ri­ble.

Q4. If you could have a rid­ing su­per skill, what would it be? In gen­eral I’m way too slow, but I as long as you’re hav­ing fun it’s OK.

Q5. What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on a bike? I’ve done 175mph on an old car­bu­ret­ted Black­bird on a Ger­man au­to­bahn. It was ages ago and it scared me.

Q6. When were you last scared on a bike? Apart from the Black­bird in 2005, I lost the front un­der brak­ing at a track­day at Zolder, but I didn’t crash.

Q7. How many miles have you done in the last year? 400 miles.

Q8. High­est mileage in a day? 500.

Q9. What ir­ri­tates you on a bike? The rain.

Q10. You’ve got two weeks off: where are you go­ing?

I’d love to go on a road trip in the USA and ex­pe­ri­ence the same things that hap­pened in the Wild Hogs movie.

Q11. Got one pearl of wis­dom for new rid­ers? I’m a Dad now, so I think a lit­tle dif­fer­ently from a few years ago, so I’d say be wise and keep your­self alive.

Q12. Ever fallen off some­where em­bar­rass­ing? No, but on my first bike, a Honda Dom­i­na­tor 650, I stood on the seat when I was rid­ing in with friends and one foot slipped off. I swerved all the way down the road, but I man­aged to stay on. It was stupid and I must have looked ridicu­lous.

Q13. Do you have one in­dis­pens­able item of kit? My leathers from 22 years ago, which I’m em­bar­rassed to wear now, but I’ll keep them for­ever.

Q14. Who would you in­vite on a Sun­day blast? Tom Sykes, Iain Macpher­son, my brother and fa­ther.

Q15. Do you have a tool you couldn’t live with­out? The most im­por­tant tool I have is the feed­back from the rider.

Q16. Do you ad­just your sus­pen­sion? Yes.

Q17. Which of your old bikes would you want back ? My RC30.

Q18. What bike would you never buy? A cus­tom bike.

Q19. Which or track would you have on your own is­land? Philip Is­land.

Q20. If you ruled the world, what new law would you pass? Get back to me.

Q What bike would Mar­cel Duinker buy for £3000? See P56…

‘I stood on the seat and one foot slipped off’

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