Honda CB1100 RS

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88.5bhp | 252kg | Seat height 795mm

The ex­plo­sion in per­for­mance ori­ented modern clas­sics is a trend no man­u­fac­turer can ig­nore, and this RS ver­sion of Honda’s of­ten over­looked retro is aim­ing for a slice of that café racer pie, with its up­rated 43mm Showa Dual Bend­ing Valve two-piece front fork and re­mote reser­voir rear shocks, 17in cast alu­minium wheels and dual ra­dial To­kico calipers. The mas­sive en­gine also now breathes through re­vised in­let and ex­haust sys­tems and gets a slip/as­sist clutch, too.

The air-cooled four breathes more eas­ily thanks to a new in­let tract and its smaller, lighter and shorter 4-2-2 ex­haust, while an as­sist slip­per clutch makes for a lighter ac­tion at the lever, and im­proved sta­bil­ity on ag­gres­sive down­shifts.

Apart from the more meaty aes­thet­ics, the most wel­come change is likely to be the Showa Dual Bend­ing Valve (SDBV) 43mm fork, which uses two valves to gen­er­ate both com­pres­sion and re­bound damp­ing force giv­ing lin­ear feel, for im­proved ride qual­ity and road hold­ing. The fork is com­ple­mented by match­ing twin Showa re­motereser­voir rear shocks.

The RS’S chas­sis uses sharper ge­om­e­try than its more tra­di­tional EX sib­ling.

Up­rated en­gine and sus­pen­sion for the big retro Honda

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