‘No turn­ing back af­ter Malle Moto’

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The Malle Moto class is a small ex­tra class for just 20 rid­ers that are demon­stra­bly in­sane. They forgo all sup­port, their spares are lim­ited and their pos­ses­sions must fit in a steel box trans­ported by the or­gan­i­sa­tion.

Dakar vet­eran Jur­gen van den Goor­bergh has en­tered the race ev­ery year since 2009 and has raced Malle Moto for the last two years, win­ning the class in 2016.

“I just don’t think it’s that in­ter­est­ing to do it on a mo­tor­bike with a team any­more. Once you’ve done Malle Moto, I don’t think there’s any way back. Why fight for 20th, when you can en­ter Malle and fight for vic­tory? And – you know what? – we still help each other. On the day it­self, you go for it, but back in the bivouac I will help Robert or I will help Lyn­don. It’s a fam­ily.

“I also made the chal­lenge even big­ger this year by build­ing my own bike. My bike is just an en­duro bike with a kit I’ve fit­ted my­self. It had some ad­van­tages in that it’s about 20kg lighter, but it’s less sta­ble so it shakes a bit on the straights. It also has less power, so I am at least 15kph slower than the other rid­ers when full out.”

Vet­eran Jur­gen van den Goor­bergh

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