Rok Straps (60 inches) £19

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Tester Andy David­son Time tested Three years/ 50,000 miles

What’s good? The first time I used a Rok Strap (nearly four years ago), I couldn’t be­lieve I’d been wast­ing my time with in­ef­fec­tive bungees for so long. Rok Straps are an es­sen­tial bit of kit. The strap has a hoop at each end: loop them around a solid fix­ing and clip the two ends to­gether, then ad­just the strap to the size of your cargo. Done. They’re strong enough to se­cure bags up to 40kg. And they won’t scratch your paint or come loose and wob­ble around. A re­cent crash in In­dia caused my ex­haust to melt one of the straps. Get­ting a fresh pair was at the top of my list once I got home.

What’s not? They’re £19, tough, durable, ad­justable, pro­tect your paint­work and are far more se­cure than flimsy bungees. There’s noth­ing neg­a­tive about them. Con­tact­to­ Qual­ity ★★★★★ Value ★★★★★

Once you’ve tried these you’ll never go back to bungees

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