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Q Thief’s to blame but from whom should I claim?

Some­one tried to steal my Fazer 600, but dropped it and ran when the alarm went off. Can I claim with the Mo­tor In­sur­ers’ Bureau for the dam­age, or must I claim on my own in­surance? Nigel Waver­ley, email

A An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN The MIB com­pen­sates for in­juries re­sult­ing from the neg­li­gent use of a ve­hi­cle by an un­traced road user, and prop­erty dam­age in a “sig­nif­i­cant” in­jury case. They don’t cover prop­erty dam­age ab­sent an in­jury. In your case, there was nei­ther neg­li­gent use of a ve­hi­cle nor in­jury. Time to call your in­surer!

Q Will weight loss ef­fect set-up?

I’m sure I’m not alone in try­ing to lose weight af­ter Christ­mas, and I won­der how the sus­pen­sion set-up on my 2010 Honda CBR600F will have to change if I get down from 15 to 14 stone? Tony Deane, New­cas­tle

A An­swered by Gareth Evans, Re­ac­tive Sus­pen­sion If you lose pounds, back off the preload so that the sus­pen­sion still gives you a de­cent ride. The springs sup­port the bike’s mass, so if you are a 15-stone rider who’s packed in too many mince pies, the stock rates are fine. Be­come a 13-stone salad and quinoa both­erer, and you’d need 0.95 fork springs and a 10kg shock spring. You may also need to back off the com­pres­sion damp­ing by a click or so, and pos­si­bly look at up­ping the re­bound by a click, too.

Q I want to see my clock clearly

The tacho on my 2012 Suzuki Ban­dit 650 has started mist­ing up, and only clears af­ter I’ve stopped for 30 min­utes. Us­ing a hairdryer doesn’t work. I cured this on my 1999 GSF600X’S ana­logue clocks by re­mov­ing one of four 10mm black stick­ers that are semi-per­me­able mem­branes, so the air could cir­cu­late. The 650’s dig­i­tal set-up looks sealed. Bernie Wales, e-mail

A An­swered by Gareth Hall, Red­car Suzuki Some di­als mist due to a coat­ing on the glass break­ing down. Un­screw the back cover and in­sert a small sil­ica bag to mop up hu­mid­ity. Don’t press it against the printed cir­cuit board, as the mois­ture could cause cor­ro­sion over time. And don’t use a hose on that area.

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