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Clever box of tricks has made a big dif­fer­ence to ZX-10R’S per­for­mance

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For the past six months I’ve been run­ning a Rapid Bike fuel unit in my ZX-10R. The idea is it takes a read­ing from the ex­haust’s lambda sen­sor and tells the ECU what fuel/air mix­ture to de­liver.

The £414 sys­tem con­stantly self­learns, so af­ter all these months and over 8000 miles, it’s had plenty of time to bed-in. I’ve been us­ing it with a stain­less Akrapovic ex­haust sys­tem (with a car­bon can) with the baf­fle in and out, all from Per­for­mance Parts Ltd (www.per­for­man­ceparts-ltd.com).

Not only is the Rapid Bike pop­u­lar with rid­ers like me, who’ve fit­ted com­plete ex­hausts, many use it with stan­dard sys­tems with ‘de-cat’ pipe sec­tions to do away with ul­tra-heavy Euro4 catal­y­sers.

A generic fuel map for your make and model of bike comes stan­dard with the Rapid Bike and that’s good enough to be go­ing on with. But Rapid Bike sug­gest re­cal­i­brat­ing the sys­tem af­ter a few hun­dred miles to fine tune the mix­ture, us­ing their free down­load­able soft­ware. Do the same again once or twice more and the fu­elling is damn near per­fect.

Like any Euro3 or 4-med­dled ma­chine the ZX-10R’S fu­elling is too rich or weak in cer­tain parts of the rev range, to get through noise and emis­sions regs. That adds up to snatchy fu­elling and a lazy midrange. The Rapid Bike re­stores the fu­elling to how Kawasaki in­tended, so the throt­tle re­sponse is flaw­less and the mo­tor spills smooth power from tick­over all the way to its 197bhp peak with the baf­fle out and 175bhp with the baf­fle in – the re­stric­tive lit­tle blighter.

I’ve tried sev­eral ZX-10RS with the fac­tory race ECU fit­ted and it does boost midrange even more, but it can’t match the Rapid Bike’s over­all smooth­ness, which makes it the best op­tion for the road.

‘Now the throt­tle re­sponse is flaw­less and the mo­tor smooth’

No need for an os­teopath… it’s ac­tu­ally comfy

Free down­load­able soft­ware helps you re­cal­i­brate the sys­tem as you go

There’s no need for dyno set-up, the sys­tem learns as you ride

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