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Like Andy Cal­ton, I’m look­ing to the racing fu­ture – but in my case based on watch­ing DVDS of the 500GP and Mo­togp races from 1984 to 2009. Racing back then was ex­cit­ing and en­ter­tain­ing and out­comes un­pre­dictable, un­like the “which of the fac­tory bikes wins” of re­cent years. Mo­togp is be­com­ing techno-dom­i­nated and overly rulereg­u­lated and go­ing the same way as F1. So some pleas to Dorna: ● Cur­tail elec­tron­ics. We want to watch rid­ers com­pet­ing on mo­tor­cy­cles, not find out who has the best pit­wall geeks. ● Stop the in­ces­sant moan­ing about tyres and the dry/wet non­sense. Spec­ify one tyre for all con­di­tions or let the teams pick their own. ● For­get all the silly rules about fuel, etc. If you want to cur­tail costs, spec­ify a max­i­mum power-to-weight ra­tio, cal­cu­lated with the bike ready to go in­clud­ing the rider but with­out fuel. ● If Race Di­rec­tion are giv­ing time penal­ties, they should mean what they say and be con­sis­tent. And there should be a re­quire­ment for all penal­ties to be ad­vised within two laps of the in­ci­dent.

And above all, re­mem­ber it’s peo­ple like you and me who in ag­gre­gate pay for Mo­togp, WSB and all the rest of the racing. We do this by at­tend­ing races, or sub­scrib­ing to pay TV chan­nels, or buy­ing racing spon­sors’ prod­ucts. If we get bored and stop do­ing so, the money will run out sooner rather than later. Michael Price, email

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