‘It’s bul­let­proof… but peo­ple do like to cus­tomise them’

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“They’re quite a big, heavy bike. Ob­vi­ously they’ve got a 1400 lump in them so they’re not just a heavy bike, they’re quite tall and the seat’s fairly wide so you’ve got to be quite a large per­son to get on with them.

“Me­chan­i­cally, though, the en­gine’s typ­i­cal Suzuki mus­cle bike – ab­so­lutely bul­let­proof. The only work we ever used to do on them was lower fork legs un­der war­ranty. The lac­quer, when it has a few stone chips, gets that white spi­dery ef­fect un­der­neath. Rocker cov­ers used to go the same way. So it was mainly cor­ro­sion is­sues we used to have rather than any­thing me­chan­i­cal.

“There was one is­sue with leak­ing shocks on early bikes but that’s been rec­ti­fied. It should have been fixed un­der war­ranty so shouldn’t be an is­sue with a sec­ond­hand one.

“The en­gine’s de­tuned so is run­ning well within it­self, plus be­ing the style of bike it is – it’s not re­ally a wheelie ma­chine and most own­ers hardly ever rev the en­gine – they don’t get a hard life at all.

“The chas­sis is very ro­bust. Like I say it’s a very sturdy bike. Peo­ple don’t tend to ride them fast so there’s not even an is­sue with the brakes. They’re not the best han­dling mus­cle bike out there, but peo­ple don’t ride them that fast.

“As long as the fork legs, rocker cov­ers and the en­gine it­self aren’t suf­fer­ing cos­met­i­cally there’s not much to worry about. “It has stan­dard Suzuki ser­vice in­ter­vals of full ser­vices ev­ery 15,000 miles. I haven’t seen any with a high mileage. They’re an oc­ca­sional fun bike rather than a year-round com­muter.

“Peo­ple do like to cus­tomise them. So un­less some­thing re­ally ap­peals, my ad­vice is try to stick to stan­dard and then change that to what­ever you like. With a lot of ac­ces­sories, es­pe­cially elec­tri­cal ones, if they’ve not been wired in prop­erly you could be open­ing your­self up to prob­lems. That can ap­ply to heated grips, mini in­di­ca­tors, dif­fer­ent head­lights even. If the wiring isn’t right you can have prob­lems. Some­times you can lift the seat and get a gen­eral idea of how the fit­ment’s been done. An­other thing with ac­ces­sories is that if they’ve had to cut the bike about and you want to put it back to stan­dard you can be look­ing at a costly fix.”

‘If ex­tras aren’t wired in prop­erly you could have prob­lems’

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