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Honda have won 256 TTS and Guy Martin feels that join­ing the Neil Tux­worth team will give him his best chance of fi­nally se­cur­ing the Su­per­bike or Se­nior TT win that has eluded him for over a decade.

“This isn’t a PR ex­er­cise,” he said. “I want to bloody win and if I didn’t have a chance of win­ning I wouldn’t be there.

“I’m go­ing there to win not to daw­dle around and make the num­bers up. It’s al­right win­ning Su­per­stock and Su­per­sport races and all that but Honda are the best chance of win­ning a big race.”

Guy says Neil Tux­worth’s as­sur­ance he would be able to go back to the TT and just con­cen­trate on rac­ing has con­vinced him to go back.

“Neil said that I can go and just con­cen­trate on the job,” he says. “I will have to ded­i­cate my life to it. I’ve not been will­ing to do that be­fore be­cause I wanted to go ride to China or what­ever.”

He still in­sists he is go­ing to do some things his own way though.

“I’m go­ing to be com­mit­ted but I’m not go­ing to do the stereo­typ­i­cal bike racer thing of get­ting up on a Mon­day and go­ing to the gym,” he said. “I’m rid­ing be­cause I just bloody love rid­ing.

“I’m prob­a­bly fit­ter now than I’ve ever been but be­ing fit for the Tour Di­vide doesn’t make you fit for rac­ing a mo­tor­bike, and that’s why I’ve been beach rac­ing and flat­track­ing a lot. The only way you can get fit for rid­ing mo­tor­bikes is by rid­ing mo­tor­bikes.”

Guy will have to race at other events to qual­ify for his TT li­cence which re­quires him to com­pete in at least six events prior to the TT although he is not con­vinced by the re­cent trend of road rac­ers like Ian Hutchin­son and Michael Dun­lop get­ting up to speed by rac­ing in British cham­pi­onship events.

“We’ve talked about British cham­pi­onship rac­ing, but I found that when I did World En­durance for a few years it was a big job swap­ping from Dun­lops to Met­zeler. If I went to Su­per­stock or BSB I’d have to change tyres.”

He also doesn’t feel like he has fallen be­hind rid­ers like Hutchy and Michael Dun­lop. “I’m still the sixth fastest TT racer ever and that’s with miss­ing a year with good weather,” he smiled.

Guy’s TV work has been blamed for in­ter­fer­ing with his rac­ing in the past, but he in­sists that won’t be the case in 2017.

“I’m here to do a job and it’s a dis­trac­tion I don’t need. We might do a bit of film­ing later in the year, but there’ll be nowt at the TT.

“Now that I’ve taken the money I have to take it se­ri­ously so I’ve ap­plied my work men­tal­ity to my rac­ing, and hope­fully we can go and win a TT.”

‘I’m go­ing there to win not to daw­dle about mak­ing up the num­bers’

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