‘It can even ride it­self and fol­low you like an obe­di­ent dog’

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Meet the bike that won’t fall over. Wel l, prob­a­bly. Honda’ sel fbal­anc­ing con­cept Moto Rid­ing As­sist mo­tor­cy­cle was re­vealed at the Las Ve­gas CES tech show last week. It of­fers a glimpse into the fu­ture of two-wheel safety sys­tems.

The bike pil­fers tech­nol­ogy from the world-fa­mous ASIMO robot and the firm’s UNI-CUB self-bal­anc­ing mono-wheel scooter – as well as elim­i­nat­ing the need for heavy gy­ro­scopes to keep the bike up­right. It’s a massive break­through for self-bal­anc­ing twowheel­ers and takes the the­ory of bikes such as the LIT (which uses big gy­ros) and ap­plies the same func­tion­al­ity with pack­ag­ing that looks like a com­pletely nor­mal mo­tor­cy­cle. The UNI-CUB – also shown at CES – uses much of the same tech, and al­lows the seated rider to move in any di­rec­tion and stop, sim­ply by shift­ing their body­weight.

The Moto Rid­ing As­sist mo­tor­cy­cle’s sys­tem en­ters its ‘bal­ance mode’ when the bike is mov­ing at be­low 3mph and will make it easier to keep the bike up­right in slow-mov­ing traf­fic and at a stand­still too. You don’t even have to be on the bike for it to re­main up­right. It can even ride it­self and fol­low you like an obe­di­ent dog – watch the video now on mo­tor­cy­cle­ and pre­pare not to be­lieve your eyes.

There’s no word yet as to whether or not this tech­nol­ogy will fil­ter down into pro­duc­tion mo­tor­cy­cles any­time soon, but it is an in­ter­est­ing con­cept, and Honda rarely give this much com­mit­ment to some­thing they have no in­ten­tion of us­ing.

Honda’s self­bal­anc­ing con­cept Moto Rid­ing As­sist mo­tor­bike

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