Chain game

Clean, ad­just, lube, ride… re­peat

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Bust the grime

Put your bike on its stand or a pad­dock stand, then clean your chain with a spe­cific clean­ing prod­uct, but not de­greaser. The idea is to re­move the build-up of old lube and grime which can cause wear.

Check the chain

Us­ing a steel rule, mea­sure the freeplay at the point de­scribed in your man­ual – usu­ally mid-way be­tween the front and rear sprock­ets. Be ready to ad­just the chain as nec­es­sary.

Take up the slack

Loosen the rear spin­dle nut and the ad­juster lock nuts. Ad­just the slack out of the chain in small in­cre­ments, do­ing so equally on both sides. Tighten spin­dle nut and lock nuts, then re-check chain ten­sion.

Lube the links

Treat your cleaned and ad­justed chain to a fresh coat of lube. Place an old rag be­hind the chain as you spray the lube on to pro­tect from over­spray, and spin the wheel as you spray to treat the whole chain.

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