Falco Eso LX 2.1 Italy boots £220

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Tester Fred­die Paul, MCN Sport con­trib­u­tor

Time tested Five months/3000 miles

What’s good? They’ve been to Aus­tria and back, and done daily com­mut­ing, and are still in great nick. They’re light, very com­fort­able, well re­in­forced with plas­tic, and have a piv­oted an­kle brace that stops your foot twist­ing side­ways.

What’s not? The alu­minium toe slider wore out in about five round­abouts when I was do­ing some Go Pro film­ing. New ones are £13 (you can get re­place­ment buck­les and plas­tic parts too). They aren’t wa­ter­proof and they def­i­nitely aren’t warm. Con­tact www.tranam.co.uk Qual­ity rat­ing ★★★ ★★ Value rat­ing ★★★ ★★

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